The CCA Swiss Tournament Round One 

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Tue  4th Oct  Round  1
Tue 18th Oct  Round  2
Tue  1st Nov  Round  3
Tue 15th Nov  CCA Minor Prelim
Tue 29th Nov  Round  4
Tue 10th Jan Round  5
Tue 31st Jan  CCA Minor Semis
Tue 14th Feb  Round  6
Tue 7th Mar  Round  7
Tue 21st Mar  Round  8
Tue  4th Apr  Round  9
Tue 25th Apr  CCA Minor Finals
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Latest Round and Latest Standings

Round One - 4th October 2016 Results

Match One
Cosmopolitan v Athenaeum
Julien Shepley 1 0 Jonathon Pinet
Johan Rydahl 1  0Michael Rose
Neil Davies 0.5 0.5Simon Pallister
Brendan Whitworth 1 0Default
 Totals3.5  0.5 
Match Two
Legal v Barclays One
SJF Walsh1 0Daniel Lindner
Charles Proctor0 1Brandon Kwan
Richard Fidler0 1Andriy Peykov
Nigel Giffin0.5 0.5M N Jones
 Totals1.5 2.5 
Match Three
BNP Paribas v RBS
Default0 1Bertie Barlow
Adegbenga Amusa0.5 0.5David Tidmarsh
Denis Frayssignes0.5 0.5Martin Lake
Zsombar Baki1 0Dave Chambers
 Totals2 2 
Match Four
HSBC v Morgan Stanley
Milen Hristov1 0Naren Palani
Rob Cregan0 1Rajko Vujatovic
Izabella Khazagerova1 0Igor Nepomnyashchiy
Martin Linden0.5 0.5Paul Lickman
 Totals2.5 1.5 

Match Five - Jamboree
Insurance  v Bank v Barclays Two
Martin Page0 1Chris Peacock  -     -    -  
  -    -     -  John Kingdom1 0Terry Skippen
Michael Wiltshire1   -    -    -   0Sakellariou Konstantinos
J H Aldred1   -    -    -   0James Robinson
  -    -     -  Alex Wickens1 0Default
Default0 1M Springall  -     -    -  
 Totals2   4 0 

Line up after Round One
  1Bank of England 4
  2Cosmopolitan  3.5
  3Barclays One 2.5
  4HSBC 2.5
  5BNP Paribas  2
  6Insurance 2
  7RBS 2
  8Legal 1.5
  9Morgan Stanley 1.5
10Athenaeum 0.5
11Barclays Two 0

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