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Tue  4th Oct Round  1
Tue 18th Oct Round  2
Tue  1st Nov Round  3
Tue 15th Nov Round  4
Tue  6th Dec Round  5
Tue 17th Jan Round  6
Tue  7th Feb Round  7
Tue  28th Feb Round  8
Tue 20th Mar Round  9
Tue  3rd Apr Round 10
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Standings after The Final Count-up

Barclays A 25
Legal 22.5
Athenaeum A 21.5
RBS 1 21
Athenaeum B 16
Bank of Montreal 15
Barclays B 14
RBS 2 12
Barclays C 2

    Congratulations to Barclays A who started in eighth position after Round One, two slots below Barclays B, and ended in the Prime Position, winners of the London Banks Chess League Swiss Tournament  2011 - 2012

    John Skipworth, Tournament Controller, pointed out that the top five teams, top half indeed, ended within four points of each other, the second and third positions being in doubt until the last game finished. The lower half was also within four points apart from Barclays C which started late.

    John also announced that he will be moving out of London before the start of the next season so this is likely to be his last appearance here. However, there is a distict possibility that through the modern miracle that is the internet, he may still be able to be Tournament Controller.

    We wish him well and thank him for all the work done over the years, being Controller is sometimes not easy!! Thanks John.

**Date for your Diary - Tuesday 2nd October 2012 - Round One
- TBC**


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Past seasons results will eventually appear here, as will other useful information as it comes along. 

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