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Tue  7th Oct Round  1
Tue 21st Oct Round  2
Tue  4th Nov Round  3
Tue 18th Nov CCA Minor Prelim
Tue  2nd Dec Round  4
Tue 13th Jan Round  5
Tue 27th Jan CCA Minor Semis
Tue 10th Feb Round  6
Tue 24th Feb Round  7
Tue 17th Mar Round  8
Wed 22nd Apr CCA Minor Finals
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Line up after Round 8

Cosmopolitan 23
Barclays  19
Insurance 19
Legal 18.5
RBS  16.5
BNP Paribas 15(N)
Bank of England 12.5
Athenaeum A 12.5
Athenaeum B 0.5

     Congratulations to Cosmopolitan on winning the first of the new CCA Swiss Championship.

     Even more congratulations to Cosmopolitan on "doing the double" by winning the first of the new CCA Minor Cup Finals, the Bowring King Trophy, they are ofcourse, the first to do this!
    Congratulations also go to Legal and General for their win in the final of Durham Plate, the second half of the minor Cup tournament.

     We also got a new team this year, BNP Paribas, and there is a possibility that we could get yet another team for the 2015-2016 Season

     So, a date for your diary - Tuesday 6th October 2015 - provisionally Round One of the new season. Watch this space for confirmation.

    The full CCA fixture list can be viewed here.     


Other Information

Past seasons results will eventually appear here, as will other useful information as it comes along.