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Tue  1st Oct Round  1
Tue 15th Oct Round  2
Tue  5th Nov Round  3
Tue 19th Nov Round  4
Tue  3rd Dec Round  5
Tue 14th Jan Round  6
Tue  11th Feb Round  7
Tue  25th Feb Round  8
Tue 18th Mar Round  9
Tue  8th Apr Round 10
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Here's the Final standings after Round 10

Champion-:-Legal & General 25
Runner Up-:-HSBC 24
Third-:-Cosmopolitan 23
Fourth-:-Legal 22
Fifth-:-RBS 1 20
Sixth-:-Barclays A 19.5
Seventh-:-Athenaeum A 19
Eighth-:-Bank of England 16
Ninth-:-Athenaeum B 15.5
Tenth-:-Barclays B 5
Eleventh-:-RBS 2 4

     We thought the final round on would be another interesting evening. We were right. With three teams having a clear shot at winning the tournament and all the others sort of paired with their scores it seemed the thing to do was to call a jamboree of the top three and let them decide it amongst themselves.
     Hearty congratulaions then to Legal & General for a barnstorming 4 point finish to the season putting them at the top of the table when it matters most.
     Congratulations too, to Legal (no relation) who climbed up to fourth, very nearly equal third, from ninth position in round five.
     A great evening to end this year's trournament, big thanks to all those who took part.

     The provisional date for the next Round One is
Tuesday Seventh of October 2014

    In other news the venues have been fixed for the three LBCL games in the Bronowski Trophy. They are:-
    London Commercial v London Banks Monday 3 March 18:30 @ 3rd Floor Canteen, Caxton House, Tothill Street, London, SW 1 9 NA ( near to St James Park tube station )
    London Banks v Insurance Tuesday 25 March 18:30 @ RBS,1 Princes Street, Basement 1 Staff Restaurant.
    London Banks v Legal Tuesday 13 May 18:30 @ RBS,1 Princes Street, Basement 1 Staff Restaurant
    Ian Heppell is the London Banks Team Captain
    The full LBCL fixture list can be viewed here.     

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